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Caroline Danjuma blows hot as she addresses her age controversy with proof

Caroline Danjuma's passport

Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has addressed the criticisms trailing her age.

Kemi Filani news reported that Carolina Danjuma had set tongues wagging as she celebrated her birthday and declared that her new age is 35.

“Time for a magical ride on the 35th floor .. cheers to a new year,” she wrote.

Many Nigerians disagreed with her age declaration, saying that she was far older than the age she was declaring.

One shared a screenshot of what google stated as her age.

“But Google says you’re 42”, he wrote.

Finally addressing criticisms surrounding her age, Caroline Danjuma shared a photo of her mother who she stated was in her 50s.

She questioned how she can be in her 40s since her mother was in her 50s.

To those asking for her certificates, she questioned if they had ever demanded for the certificate of their parents before believing their age.

“Trilogy this is my mum who is in her 50s, so how in God’s name I be 46??? Am I reducing my age because

  1. I need a job in a company?? I am the CEO of mine
  2. Reducing my age for Nollywood?? An actor can act both young and old roles, make-up can be applied
  3. I am reducing my age because of school?? I have enough certificates already
  4. Reducing my age because of relationship?? A good man will love is woman regardless of her age
  5. Reduce my age for your validation? I don’t give a fuss about you sugar
  6. Not everyone in a class are the same age. I secondary school I had people 45 years old, in my masters my class rep was 23 and 34, my MBA I had both young and old..
  7. Just because you acted a movie with me does not mean we are the same age
  8. you are asking for my birth certificate have you seen your own mother and father’s birth certificate before? it took you time to achieve something in your life does not mean I have to run your race…we have different glory and destiny..

That it took you time to achieve something in your life does nit mean I have to run your race…we have different glory and destiny..that you started school late and failed entrance exam couple times is none of my biz, we don’t have the same iq…stupid people saying they watched me as kid..I was in the industry for only 2 yrs before my marriage..bomboclat can’t stand my glory.
Are you aware wiki can be created and edited by anyone?? And not everything on Google is a fact?? Even Christ was married on Google…to the clowns talking unintelligently about my age, mind your biz that pays you…any age, race, class can act a movie… anyone can be a star at any age, no rules to follow…yes I am 35 years old and this will be the last time I will address this… I don’t need to be an old woman to achieve anything or be an actress. Success and luck comes to anyone when it is their time.. focus on making money..my sparkle will.keeo hurting your eyes hun”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Caroline Danjuma had slammed trolls who called her out for allegedly lying about her age.

Reacting, Caroline wrote described the trolls as unintelligent.

He said, ‘Intelligent people know any one can put anything on Google without facts . You ain’t Inyelligent in 2022’.

Another said: “Na true…35 years since 2007. Abeg shift..”. Replying him, the actress cussed him out saying: “Your mother the old witch is the liar”.

Caroline Danjuma shows off her mother
Caroline Danjuma shows off her mother
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