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CAMA: Oyedepo’s power is about to be clamped – Ikechukwu

Bishop David Oyedepo has been slammed by singer Ikechukwu or kicking against the Company and Allied Matters Acts (CAMA) signed into law on August 7 by President Buhari.

The lady places a Minister and the registrar-general of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) over the affairs of corporate, charity and religious organizations.

They also have the power to assign a committee when a misconduct is believed to have taken place in an organization.

This was kicked against by Oyedepo who described it as a love borne out of jealousy for the prosperity the church has recorded.

“The church works on the pattern delivered by God not the pattern of man. Government has no power to appoint people over churches. This is a secular nation. The church is the greatest asset of God in this country. Please be warned. Judgment is coming. The Lord says I have been still but now I will arise. Anybody that is in this deal is taking poison. This will never work. I am waiting for a day when anybody will appoint a trustee over this church… You can’t gag anybody. We own this country together”, Oyedepo said while delivering a sermon at his Living Faith Church.

Ikechukwu who reacted to the clergyman’s plight accused him of being upset that the power he wields is about to be clamped.

“So what’s this I’m hearing about a pastor is saying that since government wants to form trustees for churches, the government is going against God?

“I don’t understand. If you guys can help me, break it down. I’m lost. Because as far as I’m concerned, someone is upset that their insatiable power is about to be clamped”, he said

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