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This Business man has a Rolls Royce for each of his turbans (photos)

Sardar Reuben Singh Rolls Royce

Meet London based Indian businessman called Sardar Reuben Singh who owns a set of the famous Rolls Royce that match his different turban colours.

The myth is that an Englishman abused him for wearing the turban and Singh, not one to take an insult lying down, made a vow that he would have different coloured Rolls-Royce for each day of the week!

Rolls Royce for each of his turbans

Read his story below….

Sardar Reuben Singh
Sardar Reuben Singh
Sardar Reuben Singh
Sardar Reuben Singh
Sardar Reuben Singh
Sardar Reuben Singh

Sikhs and royalty go hand in hand, the legends of their exemplary tales are mesmerising enough to leave you cursing your daily 9-5 jobs.

One such inspirational story is of a London based Indan businessman Sardar Reuben Singh who owned a set of the famous Rolls Royce matching his turban colour. Legend had it that he challenged an Englishmen who made fun of his turban and told him that he will match all 7 days of the week at work in a Rolls Royce matched with his turban colour. A legendary classic car freak that he was, Singh brought in a host of Rolls Royce and matched them with his turban colour gracefully.

Termed as the British Bill Gates for his young endeavours as an entrepreneur, Singh accumulated huge wealth with his own ventures and never asked for a share in his father’s already established business. He founded a fashion chain: Miss Attitude, which became widely popular in the 90s Britain.

He started out by working over 20 hours in his first ‘Miss Attitude’ store at the age of 17. With the hunger to build an empire for him, he kept striving for more and achieved a lot before being forced to sell out his debt-laden business for a shocking £1 (approx Rs 80) to American financier Gary Klesch.

Although he was bankrupt n 2017, Reuben is certainly not bankrupt today, and in fact is the very successful CEO of alldayPA.

He did temporarily did lose control of alldayPA back in 2007 due to bankruptcy, but has worked hard over the last 10 years and regained control of the company in 2015.

Talking about the elite Rolls Royce cars, the brand in itself is a huge name and is famous for rejecting customers who don’t fit in their criteria of being reputed enough to carry a Royce key. Some big Bollywood names who own one of the perfectly crafted beauties are Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra. But certainly, Singh’s impressive numbers can put to shame any other Rolls Royce owner. Though now the elite brand has a number of owners in India, to own a Riyce during the early 2000s was in itself a big feat which Sardar Reuben Singh aced perfectly.

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