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“I spent $800k to buy and ship my Lamborghini to Nigeria” Burna Boy spites Davido



Burna Boy spent $800k on his Lamborghini

Award winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has been a subject of discussion after he revealed that he paid $800k to buy and ship his Lamborghini to Nigeria.

The Grammy winner made this known during an Instagram live session with his fans.

According to Burna Boy, he spent a whopping $800,000 (400 million) for his Lamborghini Novitec to be delivered to his doorstep.

The singer stated that he spent the ridiculous amount of money to get the car to his house without making noise.

He further added that he isn’t one to brag like Davido who had cried out on social media on the amount it took to clear his Lamborghini.

______urna Boy”>Kemi Filani news recalls Davido took to his Twitter page to cry out over the ridiculous amount of money he would have to spend to clear his Lamborghini.

He stated this when a Twitter user questioned him about the clearance of his new car, the one bought after a successful concert at O2 Arena, Davido replied that it would be his father’s responsibility.

Davido wrote: You don’t wanna know how much I just paid to clear my lambo… pray for Nigeria… Jesus

Twitter user wrote: And there’s till maybach clearance.

Davido wrote: Omo I am my father’s child for that one”.