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Bullied school girl Namitra sues school, demands for 500 million in damages

In a recent development, the girl in the viral bully video, which saw her being intimidated by her classmates and being slapped repeatedly on the face by her bully, has released a lawsuit against the school and the people who attacked her.

She is currently allegedly demanding 500 million Naira in damages as well as a public apology.

Let us recall that back in April of 2024, Maryam Hazan, the girl who bullied her, had come out on social media to send an apology to her.

In a video which went viral, she is seen as she expressed how sorry she is for slapping the girl repeatedly. She also issued an apology to social media users who have been angry with her since the release of this video.

Now also recall that Kemi Filani has reported that Twitter writer Ozzy Etomi had defended the girl who bullied her schoolmates. She took to the X-Platform to reveal that the entire situation should have been left in the hands of the authorities.

She also expressed that it was not funny for the authorities to release videos of young children because the identities are not meant to be exposed or paraded all over social media.

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