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“Demons don’t die” Bukunmi Oluwasina shares ‘creepy’ photos



Bukunmi Oluwasina shares creepy photos

Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has shared creepy photos taken from the set of a recent movie production.

She captioned the photos with, “Demons don’t die, they only sleep. Do not be the one to wake them. She was woken. Now she is their sweetest dream and worst Nightmare”.

Her fans took to the comment section to hype her as they countdown to the release of the movie.

ayam_pikoh_official : Momma what’s this

titilopeodubanjo : You be zah zuh ghost?

morenikejiwaidi : Omo this ghost ehhh the ghost na fine girl oooo MRS Ghost can I have you number you dey enter my eyes

high_beetv : see as sister Bukunmi face look like ghost, actress like actor well done sis more blessings to you pray for you as your fan from old days”.

______ukunmi Oluwasina”>Kemi Filani news recalls Bukunmi Oluwasina had shared words of wisdom with her fans about been selective of the kind of friends they have.

The actress cautioned them against making too much friends in the same place they make money.

Giving reasons, she avowed that it might make one spend the rest of his/her life working for the sake of love and not for money.

She reminded them that love isn’t money and it wouldn’t put food on ones table or pay bills.

Bukunmi further reminded them that you can’t please everybody no matter how kind one is.

She added that people abuse and easily get tired of things they have free access to.

Bukunmi Oluwasina
Bukunmi Oluwasina's ghost-like photo
Bukunmi Oluwasina's ghost-like photo