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“My father still scolds me in my 40s” Bukola Arugba laments as her father bitterly complains about her nails (Video)

Bukola Arugba

Nollywood actress, Bukola Arugba has lamented over her father’s complaints about her physical appearance despite being of age.

Taking to her Instagram page, Bukola vented out over how her father still scolds her despite being in her 40s.

The estranged wife of Damola Olatunji who is currently in London had FaceTimed her father, who bitterly complained about her nails, which he said were too long.

She claimed that her father stated that her long nails were her defect and could make people not know she is a member of the Awoyemi Family.

Shocked by his utterance, Bukola Arugba vented out over how her father still controls her despite being old to make decisions by herself.

Bukola Arugba further noted how African parents are the same and the best.

“African parents are d same and best. We love them like that. Let’s know if dad or mom still scolds u”.

Bukola Arugba speaks about her pain

Kemi Filani reported days back that Bukula Arugba had left her fans expressing concern for her as she spoke on the hurtful part of her being an actress.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the estranged wife of Damola Olatunji revealed that one of the hurtful parts of being an actor is the inability of people to distinguish between reality and scripted life.

According to her, when people see her do the same thing she does in movies and query her, she hit back at them questioning if her life is a movie.

Bukola stated that she is human, she laughs, smiles, loves, hurts, and cries too. She has her own private life, the same way many others have their private life.

The mother of twins noted how her feelings for people’s pains make her produce movies on it, yet they disregard her pains and tag it as acting.

She added that life is more challenging for an interpreter of real-life events because when true-life events happen to them, people see it as a movie.

“One of the most painful parts of being an Actor is when your real-life tears are interpreted as Acting. When you are told; “I see you do the same thing in movies’. Is my life a movie?

I am human, I laugh, I smile, I love, I hurt, and I cry too just like you. As you got your private life outside your job, so do I. I feel your real life, and pains and comfort you with my movies. But u disregard mine and tag it “u serious pretense” or “ACTING”. Is my life a movie?
I cry I expect a hug n comfort but I get a “when you are done acting let us know” kind of reaction.

Life is more challenging for an interpreter of real-life events. Cos when true life events happen to you, they see it as a movie.
SPEAKING THE MINDS OF MY FELLOW THESPIANS who are just true, plain, and pure in heart”.

“My dad still scolds me in my 40s.

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