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‘Building a multi-million naira mansion in your village is unnecessary’, Actor Sam Nnabuike advises kindreds

Sam nnabuike

Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has taken to social media to express his displeasure on some of his kinsmen who erect gigantic edifices in their various villages that end up being insignificant after being locked up.

According to Sam, there is no need to build something extravagant when you only visit the village once a year, while keeping up on maintenance worth of millions.

The actor said the system is common to his people who have not constructed something as small as a carton where they run their legitimate businesses.

However, he opined that the only people that should build mansions are those with the intention of aspiring for a political post.

He wrote:

Aku ruo Uno doesn’t necessarily mean you should build a multimillion naira mansion you only visit once a year in your hometown or village.

You build a gigantic edifice in your village and then lock it up till another Christmas festivities. The most painful part is the few times, You visit your village home, you always end up spending millions on maintenance.

There is a high percentage of mostly Igbo men who haven’t built houses in the town where they run their legitimate business but use earnings from the said business to service their palatial residences in the village that may end up being insignificant when push comes to shove.

Actor Sam Nnabuike
Actor Sam Nnabuike
Actor Sam Nnabuike
Actor Sam Nnabuike
Actor Sam Nnabuike
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