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‘Broke men are ungrateful and very wicked, I’ll never settle for one again’ – Actress Kamel

Popular Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel has revealed that she regrets marrying her ex-husband, Kaninja and also vowed not to have anything to do a man who’s not financially buoyant. 

Xandy whose marriage didn’t last up to two years, in a chat with Multimedia’s Akosua Amankwaa Tamakloe, said she regrets marrying her ex-husband who was financially unstable. 

She claimed that she learnt a lot from her failed marriage because “temporary people leave behind permanent lessons,” and also disclosed that she has vowed never to settle down with a broke guy because most of them are “ungrateful and very wicked.”

She also noted that she will, henceforth, be running background checks to make sure that the next man she will marry is rich because she’s done with struggling guys.

When asked to respond to rumor of her sponsoring her wedding, she said she financially helped with her savings because she assumed Kaninja would be a good husband and a great man in the future not knowing she was just dreaming.

Therefore, the actress also warned broke men who enter her DMs to propose love to her, to stay away because once bitten, twice shy.  

Kemi Filani News had reported that controversial Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike condemned those who sleep around just to satisfy their urge and fantasies.

The actress however, made a case for those who have intimate affairs with several others for financial gains.

According to her Instagram post, anyone who no longer connects with his or her partner intimately should be kind enough to let them know and stop exposing their children to danger.

Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote, “It’s disloyal to proclaim love to your partner and continue to have intimate affairs with other people, I mean what’s even the idea? Why the insatiable desire to taste every thing and everyone that comes across? Is there a certificate or rewards that come with it? Sometimes it even makes more sense if someone is in a financial situation and goes that route (still not a good idea) but it’s understandable than a situation where someone sleeps around for no reason other than an insatiable desire to have carnal knowledge of countless partners and this disgusting and filthy lifestyle is found amongst African men especially Nigerian men. If you no longer connect with your partner intimately please let them know, stop exposing innocent women and children to danger.”

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