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“My God will judge you” Skitmaker Broda Shaggi laments as stray bullet hits him

Stray bullet hits Broda Shaggi

Nigerian skit maker and content creator, Samuel Perry better known as Brodashaggi has lamented over a stray bullet hitting him.

A Twitter user, who shares a striking resemblance with him, had shared a photo of himself from his graduation.

He claimed that he had graduated with an MSc with a 4.8 GPA.

“Just graduated with my MSc, a 4.8 GPA”, he tweeted.

A netizen had congratulated him as he noted the resemblance between him and Broda Shaggi.

He stated that he thought it was Broda Shaggi when he saw his GPA.

“Congrats man. Thought it was Broda Shaggi then I saw 4.8gpa”.

Reacting, Broda Shaggi cried out over the stray bullet.

According to him, he is peacefully in his house, yet a stray bullet is meeting him.

“I dey my house jeje o. Una dey throw stray bullet. My God will judge”.

Stray bullet hits Broda Shaggi

I wanted to drop out of varsity after I got a Russian visa– Broda Shaggi

Recall that two years back, Broda Shaggi had recounted how he wanted to drop out of school after he got a visa to Russia.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the entertainer recounted his ordeal and how he made a U-turn to continue with his university education.

“When I was in year two, I wanted to drop out,” Broda Shaggi said.

Shedding light on the reason, he said, “There was this theatre troop from Abeokuta. They said they needed dancers in Russia. So I went to Abeokuta and from Abeokuta, we went to Ife. We rehearsed, did everything, and were ready for the performance. It was a carnival in Russia.”

The talented Instagram comedian noted that the 12-man dance group went to the embassy for their visa but he was the only one who was successful during the application.

“Out of the 12 people, I was the only one given the visa and I can’t travel alone because it’s a troop. I can’t go there alone,” Broda Shaggi said.

He continued, “I was very happy. I thought that was the moment my story was going to change because I was going abroad. I had already left school”.

Nonetheless, Broda Shaggi is doing amazingly well in Nigeria, so we are sure the content creator isn’t brooding over it.

I make $40k monthly from YouTube” Brodashaggi creates a buzz online with his revelation

Last month, the award-winning skit maker created a buzz online with his YouTube monthly income.

The YouTuber, in an interview with host, Dada Boy, gave a hint about his monthly income and how lucrative the global sharing video app, is.

Brodashaggi revealed that he makes more than $40,000 monthly from YouTube. Though not revealing his actual income, Brodashaggi stated that he makes between $40k to $80k

This isn’t surprising as the skit maker made the list of the top-earning skitmakers in Nigeria.

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