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Comedian Bovi defends daughter over backlash for her rude behavior (Video)



Bovi defends daughter Elena

Nigerian comedian Bovi Ugboma has defended his daughter, Elena, over the massive backlash she received for talking to the comedian in a rude tone.

Bovi had shared a video of him reprimanding his daughter for watching tv while her brother and his wife cook.

Hitting back at him, a pissed Elena stated that she wasn’t ready for drama so that she would listen to his voice.

When Bovi slammed his wife for spoiling her, Elena countered that his wife was the same woman who spanked him.

Bovi: You can’t be here like this Elena when your brother is there cooking.

Elena: Okay

Bovi: How can your brother know how to cook and you don’t know how to cook?

Elena: I said okay, I am not ready for your drama I will go and help

Bovi: Drama with who?

Elena: Drama with you when you don’t know how to cook

Bovi: Who told you I don’t know how to cook?

Bovi: Your mum is spoiling you by not teaching you how to cook

Elena: Spoil who? This is the same woman who spanked me

Her words didn’t sit well with many as they saw it as a rude behavior.

Defending his daughter, Bovi stated that his daughter was only being expressive.

According to him, his daughter was only speaking freely which doesn’t necessarily mean indiscipline.

He noted how many were raised to think confident use of words amounted to being rude.

Using examples, Bovi added that many were triggered because they were abused growing up and have mistaken being outspoken for being rude.

“How times have changed.

UPDATE: I have read all the comments and I’m convinced people see what they want to see. To those who found it lighthearted, you can tell there’s emotional equilibrium in their lives. They could see that speaking freely doesn’t necessarily mean indiscipline. And we were basically on cruise. As for those who were alarmed, check well, we were raised to think confident use of words amounts to being rude. That’s why in some places, a younger person asking an older person “how are you” or “how nau” is regarded as being rude. Chjer up. You’re triggered because you were abused growing up and you have mistaken being outspoken for being rude. That’s not to say kids can’t be rude. But in this scenario, she wasn’t being rude. Cheer up!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Bovi Ugboma almost got into trouble with his wife, Kris Asimonye, as his daughter spilt secrets about him.

There is no denying that Bovi has a smart and talented daughter who doesn’t shy away from showing herself off.

Bovi and his daughter had a sweet bonding moment after her studio session.

Elena Ugboma had a freestyling session with singer, slimcase where she dropped a bombshell about her father.

Bovi had taken a dig at his wife, Kris Asimonye Ugboma where he shaded her for being ugly.

Bovi jokingly stated that his wife was so ugly that she depended on him for the kids’ beauty.

“Your mama is so ugly she had to depend on me for your beauty”.

Standing up for her mum, Elena Ugboma gave her father a huge clap back as she dragged him for dumping his ex-wife.

According to her, she was ready to spill dirts about his ex-wife, whom he broke up with.

She said, “Since it’s your wife, you are insulting let’s go to your other wife that you broke up with because…”.

Before she could spill more, Bovi covered her mouth and drew her away.

The adorable video had melted the hearts of celebrities and fans.

Timi Dakolo, Warri Pikin, Denrele Edun, Ruth Kadiri, Falz and many others commented on it.

Kemi Filani news recalls Bovi’s daughter, Elena, had an interesting conversation with her mother Kris Asimonye.

The mother and daughter talked about their physical attributes and Elena wasn’t having it when her mum described herself as ugly. Elena was quick to point out that if she (Kris) was ugly, then it meant she (Elena) was also ugly. The little one explained further that after a mum gives birth, half of her physical attributes were transferred to the baby.

However, Kris quickly cut her daughter short by noting that she was ugly and got the attribute from her dad’s village. Elena fired back, stating that her mum deliberately married from Bovi’s village.