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Actor Boris Kodjoe shares throwback photo of when he had nice hair

Hollywood actor of Ghanaian decent, Boris Kodjoe has proven that he wasn’t always bald. This he did by sharing a throwback photo which shows him with nice hair.

In the Instagram post, the actor narrated how he struggled with hair loss with started when he became a father.

He wrote:

”Yep…go ahead, you can say it. Scream if you want to….I had HAIR!!!! ?????Granted it was a long time ago and it left me for good right around the time I became a father. But I fought for it, pretended it was still there even though my hairline receded faster than I could color it in with #mascara or other USELESS anti-balding remedies. #Sharpie#OnlyForMen #HairFibers #FillInPowder#Serum yes, I did it all!! And was convinced noone would notice…BUT THEY ALL KNOW YOU’RE DOING IT….EVERYONE KNOWS!!!!
And in the end… I cried ??….and learned to say goodbye. And eventually I embraced my #BaldNsexy. ??
Tag SOMEBODY YOU LOVE and who needs to LET IT GO!!!! ?? #HairDontCare

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