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‘I ain’t scared at all’ Bobrisky’s ex-PA, Oye, blasts Mompha after he threatened to sue her

Bobrisky's PA blasts Mompha

Bobrisky’s ex-PA Oye has bragged about not being afraid of any court case after Dubai based Nigerian billionaire Mompha threatened to sue him over a dating allegation.

During an interactive session with her fans on Instagram, Oye had alleged that Mompa and Bobrisky were dating, an issue that has generated several reactions online.

Mompha, in a post shared on his Instagram page, questioned Oye about having 200 million Naira as he threatened to sue him for defamation of character.

Reacting to this, Oye, in a post shared on her Instagram story, said she is not afraid of going to court, stating that she never mentioned Mompha’s name in her response.

Bobrisky’s ex-PA added that she was not the first to mention that Mompha is gay and asked how many of those people he had sued.

She added that her father is from Nigeria, and she is free to visit the country at any time, adding that Mompha’s money is all audio.

She wrote: Ivory cost is not lawless country and I an’t scare at all I said what I heard. It’s no new news toor na my own you want carry for head lets go to the court you will tell them if you saw your name writing in my responses.

Money is not everything sir I said what I heard and am not the first person that said it people have said it before did you sue them?? I said what I said and that’s on period.

Shebi you say have money why can’t you come to Ivory Coast and drag me?/ all your gay stuff go end stupid boi shame on you, even if some mumu will still follow you thank God same of them we realized how fake you are! and let me tell you.

My father is a Nigerian I a can come anytime I want you are not Nigeria President you are just a desperate boi that envie girl body, I we land there and if something happens to me your audio money will not save you.

Bobrisky's PA
Bobrisk's PA
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