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Bobrisky pained as a man he once helped pitches tent with James Brown following latest achievement

Bobrisky and Buchi and James Brown

Controversial crossdresser Bobrisky seemed pained after a life coach expert Buchi who he once helped, talked down on him following the UK admission of James Brown.

In a post shared on the microblogging platform, Twitter, Buchi opined that James Brown is on his way to sustainable relevance, and it’s a great move by him going to study in the UK.

Buchi said everything is not about money because it cannot buy class. He slammed Bobrisky for always faking an accent and dancing like a sheep.

He added that Bobrisky seemed perturbed by James Brown’s moves and urged him to find his strategy rather than criticizing his choice to study abroad.

He wrote: Bobrisky, Leave James Brown! He’s on his way to sustainable ‘relevance’. Great move by going to study in the UK. Only staying in the UK will fine tune his mindset. Everything is not about money, Bob. Every time “you have money” but money cannot buy class and wisdom.

Face your own ministry: fake accent on Snapchat, dancing like a sheep, and making mouth about being the richest in the world lol. Always cussing invisible haters. Always falling out with all your friends! Always!

Not a fan of crossdressing, but you seem to be too perturbed by JB’s moves. He seems to be more liked by people cos he’s personable and very entertaining. Find your strategy, rather than berating his choice to study abroad. Bobrisky, no amount of money can buy CLASS! Cheers man!

Reacting to the post, Bobrisky dragged Buchi saying how could he forget that he was once a beggar and once employed him but sacked him after recovering he was two-faced.

Bobrisky added that he’s no longer asking for anybody’s love, and people should keep their love to themselves.

I heard dis rat called buchi called for me, well I promise not to reply dis year or have any issue with no one but I wonder how some idiot forget they were once a beggar. Buchi remember have once employed ur stupid self, I noticed you were two face that was y i stopped responding to you. Well I’m not in ur level and I will never be. Done I’m not asking for anybody’s love pls, where are the ones you love yesterday? They are all gone. Biko you all should keep ur dan love to yourself.

Bob and buchi
Bob and buchi
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