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Bobrisky explains why pictures he takes with other people doesn’t look good

Bobrisky and Ubi

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye popularly called Bobrisky has barred fans who don’t own iPhone 12 from having pictures with him while explaining reasons he always looks ugly in their photos.

Bobrisky is often dragged and mocked repeatedly for always looking different when he takes pictures with his fans and other celebrities.

In a post shared on Instagram, Bobrisky said he would no longer be nice to his fans, and anyone who does not have iPhone 12 must not come to him for a selfie.

According to the crossdresser, some of his fans take pictures with him without cleaning their phone camera properly, and when it does not look good, they quickly send it to bloggers to mock him.

He wrote: Enough of my niceness to some of you fools here… If you don’t have Iphone 12 please don’t come close to me for pictures, if you do I will slap you myself personally before my security will through you out!!!
Enough of bad phones.

Some of you will want to take pictures without cleaning ur phone camera properly!!! And when d pictures DOESNT look good you will be so quick to send it to bloggers to post. Enough of my niceness.

In a subsequent post, Bobrisky said those who do not have good phones should sleep at home as it’s not compulsory to feel or act big when such a person is broke.

He wrote: If you no get money to use good phones sleep at home and sleep. Is not by force to feel among when you are broke. Say no to China phones

Bobrisky and photos
Bobrisky and phone
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