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“I’m a big girl, and I am not hungry” Bobrisky brags as he lists his achievements


Controversial crossdresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has a word for those ignoring him because of naysayers.

Bobrisky, who has recently been the topic on the internet, shaded his haters on Instagram. He also noted those who refused to partner with him because of his trouble-making lifestyle.

Bobrisky claimed that only those who wanted to build their brands with him would ignore his mistakes and give him their trust.

He further highlighted his relationship with a famous hair brand, claiming they have maintained a perfect relationship with him for almost a year despite the drama trailing his lifestyle.

He wrote: Many people come to me and say bob I was told not to work with you cos you re trouble bla bla. If you are a good person too you will ignore my mistakes because you want ur brand to expand and make money. If you give me issue trust me I will too, but if you have patience with me damn you will love ur brand. My page is out we have many buyers i build my page with so much class. You can’t see trash brand on my page never. I can remember how people said @hair_byjennysglow don’t sign bob bla bla it’s going to be 1yr next month and no single issue yet. As a matter fact @hair_byjennysglow dash me some millions to add to what she paid. Me and @hair_byjennysglow na till we die. If you truly love who you are working with trust me no one will hear both of you, but if you sign the person to clout chase you will get what you are looking for. Pls if you are having trust issue with my brand don’t come to me pls. I want brand that trust on my brand not the one that will look for my fault. Thanks

Kemi Filani recalls that Bobrisky is over the moon as he bragged about his 450 million naira mansion, which is set to be opened officially on the 19th of July.

Bobrisky took to his Snapchat recently to count his achievements as he took note of his age mates who could not achieve what he had.

“Firstly i want to wish myself a very huge congratulations because

I have done alot of things many of my age mate cannot do. Everyday of my life i look at where I am coming from and where I am today and all I can say is glory be to God because it’s a long way trust me. Everytime I remember I have a property worth N450 million, it amazes me because in one year to be able to afford a house worth N450 m is a big deal”.

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