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Bisi Alimi says colonialism ruined same-sex unions in Africa

Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has said that same-sex unions were not against any law in Africa until colonialism came.

He also said that one must chose between colonialism and being homophobic.

He shared on Instagram: ”History 101; not one single African was a Christian before an encounter with the colonisers.

”Homosexuality was not a criminal offence in Africa before the colonisers came. You can’t demand decolonising Africa and be homophobic at the same time. Choose a side”.

A few years ago, Bisi Alimi opened up on how he almost committed suicide when he was 17-years old.

According to him, the decision to commit suicide was due to his sexuality.

“This month 14 years ago, I was at one of my lowest in life (many came along after that). I was hopeless and helpless. I was also contemplating suicide. I was 29. 12 years early as a 17yrs old boy, I had attempted my first suicide, all due to my sexuality.

I am still broken, though I am healing. I still feel that I am worthless and useless a lot of time. I still feel I have no purpose in life, despite what people see. My struggles with mental health never went away, I just became stronger.

Tomorrow is coming out day and we know being LGBT is one of the reasons people like me suffer depression from childhood. Please as we celebrate Mental Health Day, a day before Coming our day, let’s show some love by reaching out and spreading positive message.”

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