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Gay activist, Bisi Alimi relates Black Panther movie to Benin Empire

Gay activist, Bisi Alimi relates Black Panther movie to Benin Empire

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Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has reacted to the hit movie Black Panther which is currently making waves across cinemas worldwide. In his post, he related the movie to the Benin Empire which existed and still does in Nigeria. Read his post below.

“Yesterday, I came across some images on twitter and I did some image checks on google to make sure they are real (images below). The image you can see below is the Benin Empire in mid-western Nigeria. It was one of the many powerful advanced kingdoms that dotted the western region of the country that is now known as Nigeria.

Another of such advanced kingdom is the Oyo empire. I am sure that we all know the concept of an empire and a kingdom will not be called an empire unless it is powerful, advanced in technology, has a system of government that is well respected and an economic policy.

Why am I writing about Benin Empire this morning?

Well, it is the fact that we have been told “Wakanda” is imaginary. We were told that it only exists in the world of our imagination but when I saw this picture I realised it is not so.

The difference between Wakanda and Benin Empire is that like said in the movie “Wakanda was not colonised”, it was untouched by the evil hands of the British, French, Portuguese, Belgian and Spanish scavengers.

To many Africans who questions if they should celebrate Wakanda, why I won’t tell you what to do, I will suggest that you know your history and that in celebrating Wakanda, you are celebrating what was stolen from you, what your fathers built that was destroyed so that the whites can build a future for their children.

To the white that celebrates Wakanda with us, thank you, but see beyond the brilliance of the film and see the reason why many of us think the conversation of reparation is fair. Also, it is important for you to know what Africans would have been like if your forefathers were not so barbaric that they have to destroy heritage, raped women and enslave people.

To the Africans that are celebrating Wakanda, thank you. Thank you, because whether you are aware of it or not, you have connected with the proud history of your forefathers and foremothers. The men and women who stood in pride to defend their integrity, though they fell, in us their spirit rise like the morning sun.

Wakanda forever.
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