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“Before your son brings another son as his spouse, wake up” Bishop Oyedepo tells parents (Video)

Bishop Oyedepo

Founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has spoken out against same sex marriage as he admonished parents to wake up.

The clergyman, while addressing his members during Sunday service today, advised them to wake up from their slumber.

According to the pastor, if much attention isn’t given to it, many could end up introducing their gender as their spouse.

He said,

“Before your son will bring another son as his wife, wake up.

I want to introduce my spouse to you and you will ask, ‘Where is she”?

However, Bishop Oyedepo prayed that such wouldn’t be the case of his members.

“You will never suffer that assault in your life. IJN”.

Oyedepo bans earphones

Just months back, Bishop David Oyedepo had made headlines when he banned earphones from his church.

While addressing his members during Sunday’s Service at the Winner’s Chapel’s headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, he banned the use of earphones and others in his church, describing them as devil’s tools.

According to Man of God, youths with earphones are not ready to hear God’s words, hence they should not be allowed into the church.

Speaking on “How to access divine guidance: create a serene and quiet environment around yourself.”, Bishop Oyedepo stated that earphones are designed by the devil to block youths from moving forward in life.

He said: “We live in a very rowdy time. Young generation, please listen to me: all these things you plug in your ear will block your way forward. It is designed by the devil to block your way forward.

Bishop Oyedepo warns couples

Last year, Bishop David Oyedepo had warned married couples on the dangers of not having a good sex life.

In a post shared on his Ministries social media handles the clergyman averred that a sex-starved marriage is heading for destruction.

He wrote: ‘A sex-starved marriage is heading for destruction; spouses should be available for each other, otherwise there will be a tendency to go where they would be accepted because the burning must be satisfied.”

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