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Biola Bayo’s husband beams with joy as she surprises him on his 45th birthday (Video)



Biola Bayo surprises her husband

Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo has left an everlasting smile on her husband’s face with her birthday surprise for him.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Biola Bayo shared clips from his surprise birthday party which was quite intimate.

The video captured the moment the actress surprised her house with a cake and gifts. Her husband, who was taken by surprise, couldn’t help but smile throughout the video as he unboxed his gifts which included a watch and bundles of nairas.

“Oya rate my Yoruba voiceover. Belated happy 45th birthday to my boyfriend. Just here gisting how our birthday went the other day as the special assistant birthday girl. Enjoy it and have a good night”.

Biola Bayo professes love for her boyfriend on his 45th birthday

To celebrate his birthday days back, Biola Bayo shared a video collage of her and her boyfriend as she professed her love for him.

She complimented him for being her baby daddy, supportive husband, father, brother, dear son, God-sent, and more.

According to her, her husband is too many things in one.

Biola appreciated him for all that he does for the home, for his understanding, and undying love, for helping out with the breakfast, and for taking care of our precious son.

“Happy 45th birthday to my boyfriend!
My baby daddy, my ever-supportive husband, my king, my father, my brother, my dear son, my God-sent. My too many things in one. Thank you for all you do to make our home habitable.
Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your undying love. Thank you for taking care of our precious son. Thank you for helping out with the breakfast…
I love you and declare you blessed forever. No matter how blessed you have been, this new year will be great the best you’ve ever had so far. Even the blessed will call you blessed. Kings will come to rising of your shining. Grace shall be multiplied unto you. Money multiplies in your hands in Jesus’ name. I welcome you to your season of the “Billion Flow”. Happy birthday Omo Akin. We love you Daddy Tioluwanimi”.

Biola Bayo pens heartfelt appreciation to husband as she recalls their pains

In April, Biola penned a heartfelt appreciation to him while recalling their pains on their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Biola Bayo appreciated her husband for enduring the pains of getting married and having their first child in their 40s.

The new mother thanked her husband for walking through with her, understanding, and standing by her despite the challenges on their way.

Biola Bayo also prayed that their second wedding anniversary will mark the beginning of greatness and newness, with no more pains, lack, or failures.