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“My heart is bleeding” Biola Bayo heartbroken as couple share their plight in the UK with her

Biola Bayo heart bleeds

Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo has expressed heartbreak over the plight of a couple living overseas.

The movie star disclosed that the couple had reached out to her for help, seeking solutions to their current predicament. The couple, who reside in the UK claimed that their 3 kids were taken from them after their eldest child reported that he was beaten by them while in class. The UK, which is very strict against parents beating their children had taken their kids into custody.

Seeking help, the couple begged if they could hire a black solicitor to consult for free. From the chat, it was revealed that the mother of the kids has been left in a miserable state, which has left them all afraid.

See the message below,

Biola Bayo heart bleeds

She captioned the message with, “My heart is bleeding reading this”.

See some comments from her followers below,

One It’s Gabbie Of wrote, “Then una dey maltreat the child so I’m not even pitying them, you can train a child by beating it’ll in make it worse

One Ayan Tee wrote, “Omo all the UK pikin, need Oriamo cord

One Obiageli Steve wrote, “Why will they take the 3 kids, it was only one that was flogged

One I’m Just Precious wrote, “Work with social services, do not admit you beat the kids. Tell them you’re happy to go to parenting class. Pray, show you’re mentality OK to look after the kids. By God’s grace, you will get back your kids

One Yeny D Girl 6 wrote, “I would suggest the woman joins the group called Nigerian Women in the UK on Facebook, they have helped someone with that kind of issue”.

Weeks back, Biola Bayo announced the return of her colleague, Osoba Temitope to the movie industry after she took a break from the industry to deal with her mental battles. Taking it upon herself to make sure she gets back on her feet, Biola appealed to movie directors, producers, and production managers to send scripts to her as she was fully back on her feet.

Months back, Biola had experienced a tough time as she broke down in tears on her Instagram page. Narrating what happened, she stated that she hadn’t been this down in a long time as the incident had left her saddened, in pain, and heartbroken.

Last year, the mother of one was in a grateful mood after award-winning filmmaker, Kenny George surprised her in style. The entrepreneur revealed that she had cried out to her creator asking for help as she was financially exhausted and tired and He had showed up for her using Kenny George.

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