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“I have not been this down in a long time” Biola Bayo breaks down in tears as she shares her plight (Video)

Biola Bayo breaks down in tears

Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo is currently experiencing a tough time this weekend as she broke down in tears on her Instagram page.

The Yoruba star noted how she puts so much effort into her talk show weekly and gets hurt when things don’t go right and she gets criticized by trolls.

Narrating what happened, she revealed that the recent episode of her talk show which featured her colleague, Olaide Oyedeji had to be pulled down because of poor editing. She revealed how she was mercilessly trolled and insulted by viewers on YouTube and this left her spirit dampened.

Biola Bayo stated that she hadn’t been this down in a long time as the incident has left her saddened, in pain, and heartbroken as she noted how so much effort and resources went into creating the content. Amid all this, she apologizes to her fans for the disappointment.

“Hey guys I apologize for Episode 26 of Talk To B that was uploaded this evening. I was actually on set when it was uploaded, and when I finished I got into the car and was trying to crosscheck what was uploaded and I just started seeing different comments about it skipping, being bad and all, someone even said I should remove the rubbish I uploaded on YouTube. This is painful, this got to me so bad because I put in so much in it. I put so much into creating content even when there is no money in it. I am so bothered, I am so troubled, this pain me so much because I have put in so much effort, resources, time, and energy into doing this”.

“I’m so sorry, there’s a serious technical issue with Episode 26. We have to pull it down immediately, please bear with me, while we rectify the issue. I apologize for the disappointment. I’m so down right now”.

Some of her colleagues took to the comment section to console her.

Adeola Funsho wrote, “The devil wants you to cry pls don’t make him. Just think of how to correct this and move on. God gat you

Allwell Ademola wrote, “Pls don’t be sad my love

Bisola Badmus commented with a heart emoji”.

This isn’t the first time she is experiencing such as a year back, Biola Bayo had revealed via her Instagram page that her movie, had been pulled down on all platforms.

According to her, the movie was uploaded without the final edit and as such, she had to pull it down on YouTube despite the warnings she received from people, who told her not to expect anything from the movie anymore.

Making an appeal, she stated that she trusted God, her fans, and colleagues to help her through it.

Actress, Bimbo Ademoye also experienced such, when she mistakenly took down one of her movie series on YouTube.

The actress, who was left weak and frustrated over it, stated that he wasn’t seeking pity and blamed it on tiredness as she has been working back-to-back on different movie locations. She noted how the devil works, but she works harder.

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