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“Look at the sitting position” Biodun Okeowo laments over daughter’s eating habit (Video)



Biodun Okeowo complains about daughter's eating habit

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo otherwise known as Omoborty has lamented over her daughter’s constant eating position.

The single mother of two revealed that her daughter prefers to eat on the floor despite having two dining tables.

Questioning who her parent is, she made a mockery of her sitting position.

“Wordless and temporary post. Awon iya omo yi daa? Just look at the sitting position sef. Come to think of it, we have two dining areas in the house. Who owns this girl o? @larritshoevillage is my DM paraing and protesting on this video.
In fact, I’m not deleting it again. In fact, I will repost this video graduation and wedding day”.

Biodun Okeowo receives praise from colleagues and fans over her daughter’s respectful manners

Months back, praises and accolades had poured in for Biodun Okeowo over her daughter’s respectful manner.

Kemi Filani reported that the proud single mother had shared a video of her daughter unboxing her birthday presents at her birthday party.

At the end of the video, her 19-year-old daughter knelt to appreciate her for her love.

Captioning the video, Biodun Okeowo wrote, “The Highlights of Ifeoluwa’s Day. We had fun and wishlist delivered this Ike extent… I tried ke!

Her friends are so fun to be with. Will post what they all said about Ifeoluwa shortly…..”.

Biodun Okeowo complains about daughter's eating habit
Biodun Okeowo complains about daughter's eating habit

Biodun Okeowo tearfully speaks on the frustration of being a single mother

In celebration of 2023 Mother’s Day, Biodun Okeowo had spoken out on the frustration of being a single mother.

The Yoruba movie star admitted that she had lost her cool on her children in the past and said unprintable words out of frustration.

However, she is grateful for God’s mercy as she doesn’t look like what she has passed through.

Not forgetting other single mothers, Biodun Okeowo said a word of prayer for them.

“This brought tears to my eyes. This is exactly what motherhood is to a single parent, who is hustling to make ends meet.

So many times I’ve lost my cool like this with my children in the past… Said unprintable words out of frustration. Read more here.