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“Nothing kills a woman faster than single parenting” – Actress Bimpe Akintunde says as she sends message to men (Video)

Bimpe Akintunde single mother kills

Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde has spoken out on the ills of being a single parent.

In an interview with Biola Bayo on her podcast Talk To B, she revealed that nothing kills a woman faster than single parenting.

She stated that being a single mum isn’t something anyone prays for, but life happens as she noted how men are polygamous in nature.

Bimpe admonished men to take responsibility whenever they put a woman in a family way.

“Single mum isn’t what anyone prays for; there is nothing that kills a woman faster than single parenting. Men are polygamous in nature.

Any man that puts a lady in a family way, whether knowingly or unknowingly, should take responsibility”.

Bimpe further disclosed that whenever people meet her, they are surprised at how calm and nice she is, unlike her movie characters. The mother of one made it known that Wasila Coded is just a character, and Bimpe Akintunde is her name.

“When people meet me, they are like they don’t know I am this calm nice and think I am always breaking bottles, but I told them Wasila Coded is just a character, Bimpe Akintunde is my name”.

Last year, in a message to single mothers, Bimpe revealed that she was a single mother for 8 years and wasn’t in a relationship for close to two years.

Disclosing why, she encouraged others to be like her and admitted that being single sucks, but it’s not the end of the world, and she has learned to trust God.

The actress also wrote a touching letter to single mothers, advising them to take it easy on themselves and give themselves a break.

She noted how no one chooses to be a single mom, hence, why they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves. She encouraged them always to be positive, work harder, pray harder, and never give up.

Bimpe Akintunde has since tied the knot to a man with two wives. Following her wedding, she recounted how her daughter left her teary-eyed with her request for a father figure.

She revealed that she was devastated by her daughter’s consistent pestering for a father figure and a sibling that she would cry, complain and lament as all her efforts were proving abortive.

Fast forward to now, her daughter already has a father figure in her husband, and she is grateful for their bond.

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