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“I intentionally didn’t post it” Bimbo Akisanya pens deep appreciation post over son (Video)



Bimbo Akisanya pens appreciation post

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akisanya has penned an appreciation post to her friends, family, colleagues, and fans for celebrating her son on his birthday.

The Yoruba actress’s son turned a new age on June 4th and had received love from his mother’s close circle.

Though Bimbo didn’t make any posts about her son’s birthday, many still chose to celebrate the young lad.

Penning an appreciation post to them, Bimbo Akisanya expressed gratitude for the outpour of love.

She revealed that she didn’t post about his birthday because she has chosen to keep him off social media.


To God Almighty alone I give all the Glory. A big thanks to friends, family, colleagues & fans that celebrate my son on the 4th of June. Yes, I intentionally didn’t post or talk about his birthday cos I decided not to be bringing him on social media anymore. Although, I changed my Facebook profile to his pictures which I do once a year (on his birthday). I really do appreciate you all, eshey mo dupe……”.

Bimbo Akisanya pens appreciation post

Why I must marry from Abeokuta” Bimbo Akisanya spills

Last year, Bimbo Akisanya who has been praying for a lover sent a message to her potential suitors on the criteria she will be looking out for in her man.

The Yoruba actress who had been bemoaning her single status took to her Instagram page to reveal the particular tr!be she would be picking her suitor from.

According to her, she would only marry a man who is from Abeokuta.

Her reason is that Abeokuta men are very romantic. To prove her point, Bimbo posted a WhatsApp screenshot of a potential suitor eulogizing her in his dialect.

The actress added that she woke up to his romantic gesture and this has changed her mindset on the type of man she wants.

“So sweet waking up to this, I must marry Omo Abeokuta this time around abi bawo????”.

Bimbo Akisanya sends a message to her future husband

Similarly, Bimbo Akisanya had sent a strong message to her future husband as she bragged about her latest win over a man.

The mother of one shared a video of herself enjoying her favorite game, table tennis, while she boasted of her win over her partner, who was, unfortunately, a man.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Bimbo Akisanya urged her future husband to ensure that there was table tennis in their house.

She wrote: Table tennis, my best game ever
And of course, I won. I won a man
Dear future husband, please make sure there’s table tennis in the house”.