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Beverly Naya recalls lowest life moments as she clocks 32 today

Beverly Naya reacts

Beverly Naya is an award-winning British-born Nigerian actress, model, producer, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur.

Today, Naya is marking her 32nd birthday and went down memory lane to recall her down moments since the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic.

She shared some lovely photos to mark her big day and captioned the images, “Where do I even begin with what God has done in my life and continues to do? Every single day, He gives me new reasons to see and understand that I’m on the right path and for that I am eternally grateful. I am who You say I am, Lord! “

“January and February were the most emotionally taxing months I’ve had in a long while, I can’t remember the last time I questioned my purpose so much. Being on pause for so long in 2020 really affected me at the start of 2021, I expected to hit the ground running but what I found was that I didn’t have the strength to, I just kept second guessing myself instead and wondered if I’d ever get back to the go-getter person that I was used to.”

She continued, ” I remember through countless days of tears and frustration, asking God to show me the way again because I honestly no longer had a clue and then I was led to a sermon that spoke directly about purpose and God doing what He said He would and I instantly knew that the pastor was speaking to me. I felt a new energy within my spirit that I hadn’t felt in a long time, the energy I had right after winning the AMVCA in 2020, that energy is what led me to finally get up and work on Be Naya clothing.”

“Thank you Lord for continuously giving me the signs I need to go after the dreams you’ve placed in my heart. I don’t know who this is for but I want you to know that God sees you and will lead you out of whatever challenge you are dealing with. 2020 might have taken a toll on you and it may have left you wondering what God’s plans are but He will answer you at the right time. Just trust and believe.”

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