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Best friends, Regina Chukwu, Adediwura Gold and Liz Da Silva end their friendship on a sour note (Details)

The beautiful friendship once shared between Nollywood colleagues, Regina chukwu, Adediwura Gold and Liz Da silva has ended on a sour note.

Their friendship elicited much envy among their colleagues.

Then, when the going was good, just click on their Instagram handles and you would find photos of this trio displayed on one another’s pages.

In fact, birthday celebrations for this unique clique would make you go green with envy.

Whenever there was a birthday, the other two friends would storm the home of the third friend who was having her birthday, with cakes, cards and gifts.

When the friendship was intact in 2016, these friends acted in a movie entitled ‘Meta’ (The Three).

Written and produced by Regina Chukwu, the movie was said to have been conceptualized by Adediwura Adesegha but advertised with much zest by the all these friends, including Liz Dasilva.

They were always in one another’s company and you would wonder if they had time to mingle with their male friends.

But the much-talked-about trio fell apart and the centre could not hold. Though there were no reports in the media on what led to the fight, rumour mills went agog when the Instagram photos and videos stopped popping up on their handles and everyone started posting ‘solo’ photos and videos.

As a matter of fact, this trio— Liz Dasilva, Regina Chukwu and Adediwura Adesegha—discarded whatever joined them together and went their separate ways.

Worried fans asked questions and ‘travelled’ on Instagram from each friend’s handle to the other with a desire to know what was wrong but none said anything.

By the time the friendship collapsed finally, the Nollywood Yoruba trio, Liz Dasilva, Regina Chukwu and Adediwura Adeseigha, stopped any form of communication and unfollowed one another on social media.

“But Regina Chukwu tried to maintain peace and would act like a peacemaker between Liz Dasilva and Adediwura. She later ignored her ‘peacekeeping’ strategies and also ignored the other two Yoruba girls. She also stayed on her lane,” a source told Opera News.

So what really went wrong?

Biodun okeowo

“Many have alleged lesbianism which one or two of the ladies might have rejected from whoever attempted it. Recall that there was a nasty spat between Biodun Okeowo and Adediwura wherein Biodun openly accused Adediwura of desiring to have her as her lesbian partner. Though Biodun said she rejected the ungodly gesture, Adediwura also accused Biodun of asking her out.

“Even if that was not the cause of the fight, many of their colleagues insinuated that the ladies might have allegedly fought over a man or some men.

Nollywood actresses have always quarreled over men and money. Remember the trio all acted in a movie together which was produced by one of them. There could have been a problem with profit-sharing,” sources said.

However, there are no signs that this fight would end. Adediwura, before the end of 2019, got engaged to her lover.

She ‘soaked’ her Instagram handle with photos and videos of her finger wearing the ring but none of her old friends (Liz Dasilva and Regina Chukwu) congratulated her.

Instead, they advertised their business concerns on their Instagram handles. Is there hope of this clique making a comeback?

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