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“I want to experience things myself” Bella speaks on her relationship with Sheggz amid his ex allegations (Video)

Bella Sheggz Bemi

Big Brother Naija Level Up finalist, Bella has shutdown fans querying her for getting back with co-housemate, Sheggz, despite his ex allegations.

The reality star faulted those criticising her for staying with the reality star who many believe is toxic and narcissistic.

Amid the allegations from Sheggz’s ex, Bella stated that she wants to experience things herself.

According to her, she isn’t the type of person who googles things as such, she doesn’t desire to read or watch his ex expose on him.

She told her fans to respect her decision as she desires to keep her relationship with him private.

She said on a recent chat with her fans on Twitter,

“I want to experience things myself, am not that type of person that goes on Google to try and watch something or try and google something.

I heard about the threat, no I didn’t watch it and I don’t plan on watching it.

This Twitter space is for my fans and supporters right. It should be all about me and my personal life should remain my personal life.

No one should get involved, everyone have their personal life”.

Sheggz’s ex exposes him

Recall that Sheggz was a subject of criticism over his bullying tactics and violent behavior towards his girlfriend and co-housemates.

The reality star was exposed by his ex-girlfriend, Gbemi for allegedly assaulting her.

She claimed that the reality star was aggressive towards her and was often maltreating her.

In a video posted on her YouTube page, she revealed how he once destroyed her laptop, and makeup kits and had choked her.

Although she didn’t mention his name, many concluded that she was referring to the reality star as he possessed such abusive behavior.

Sheggz’s ex vows to spills teas

Segun Olusemo popularly known as Sheggz had triggered his ex-girlfriend, Gbemi.

The reality star, while on media rounds, had addressed the reports of domestic violence.

While still in the house, his alleged ex had claimed that the reality star physically assaulted her during their relationship.

Addressing it in his interview, Sheggz stated that he hadn’t seen the video.

The reality star noted how his name wasn’t mentioned in the video, hence, his reluctance to address it.

Sheggz, however, admitted that he knew the lady, but doesn’t understand why the blame was put on him since his name wasn’t mentioned.

Reacting to it, Bemi hinted at spilling all about their relationship.

Gbemi finally speaks on her relationship with Sheggz

Keeping to her words, in a lengthy post on Twitter, Gbemi opened up about their relationship. The make-up artiste described the reality star as verbally abusive, narcissistic, manipulative, overbearing and more.

Talking about the viral video, she said she made the video in 2020 after her leg injury when she and the reality star broke up.

Bemi revealed that she and the reality star broke up in 2020 but reunited after he pleaded with her for a second chance.

Unfortunately, the couple still broke up, and Bemi disclosed the extravagant things he did for her and her family to win her heart for the third time, which proved abortive.

Bemi also brought to light the manipulative side of the reality star, as she pointed out how he claimed he didn’t know about the video but while in the house, he spoke about it.

Bemi claimed that Sheggz went into the house to change the narrative.Read more here.

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