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“I understand you and that’s what matters” Bella pours out her heart to Sheggz at his 28th birthday party (Video)

Bella and Sheggz

Big Brother Naija Level Up finalist, Bella has opened up her heart to her boyfriend, Sheggz at his birthday party.

KFN reported that the reality star turned 27 yesterday, November 13th and was treated to a lavish bash.

At his birthday party, Bella poured her hearts to him.

She stated that though he might be misunderstood by the word, she understands him and that’s all that matters.

Appreciating him for all he has done for her, she revealed that she has never felt loved like this.

Bella praised him for being loving and caring and for being genuine.

“Thanks for all that you do. Thanks for being a lovely person. I have never felt loved like this in my life. I have never met someone has genuine as you. You are so loving and caring. Thank you for everything.

The world might misunderstand you but I understand you and that’s all that matters”.

Bella defend her relationship with Sheggz

Big Bella, like her fans call her, had shutdown fans querying her for getting back with Sheggz, despite his ex allegations.

The reality star faulted those criticising her for staying with the reality star who many believed is toxic and narcissistic.

Amid the allegations from Sheggz’s ex, Bella stated that she wanted to experience things herself.

According to her, she isn’t the type of person who googles things as such, she doesn’t desire to read or watch his ex expose on him.

She told her fans to respect her decision as she desires to keep her relationship with him private.

She said on a recent chat with her fans on Twitter,

“I want to experience things myself, am not that type of person that goes on Google to try and watch something or try and google something.

I heard about the threat, no I didn’t watch it and I don’t plan on watching it.

This Twitter space is for my fans and supporters right. It should be all about me and my personal life should remain my personal life.

No one should get involved, everyone have their personal life”.

Sheggz speaks on his relationship with Bella

Olusegun Olusemo, better known as Sheggz, got one of the most brutal receptions after his eviction from the Reality Show as he was perceived to be arrogant, proud and treats his love interest, Bella harshly.

However, Sheggz had shed more light about his behaviour with Bella during his time in the house.

In a clip which made the rounds from the Elozonam headlined Showmax vodcast on the reality show, Sheggz stated that the backlash stemmed from people misunderstanding his “GenZ inspired” communication style.

“I think perspective is an amazing thing. I feel like people felt like it was cool to label me. First and foremost, when I am speaking to my boys in the 2022 era, GenZ, Millennial, however you want to put it, I feel like at times you would be like “Guy you are no serious, you are sick…” For me that’s how we speak,” said Sheggz in his response to a query about calling Bella.

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