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Belinda Effah talks about not being beautiful, tall enough



Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has issued a word of advice to people who think whatever they have is not adequate enough to give them confidence in life.

In a children’s day post, Belinda Effah stated that people are often the reason why they are viewed in a certain way.

She also advised against allowing excuses to tie one down and away from chasing certain things in life.

She wrote: “It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Coming From – What’s Matters Is Where You Are Going .

“Leave The Stereotypes- I Wasn’t Born Advantaged , I Am Not Beautiful Enough , I Am Not Tall Enough , I Don’t Have Anyone One To Help Me Bla Bla Bla , Excuse Is For The Weak and Faint Hearted – Remember In The Bible 1Kings 17:12, The Widow Woman Didn’t Think The Little Oil She Had Would Amount To Anything. That’s Is The Problem With A Lot Of Us , We Underestimate Ourself, We Look Down On Ourself, We Place The Tag On Ourself That Others Adopt . We Fail To Acknowledge The Little Oil In Our Possession

“Today Is Children’s Day, Reflect More On That Child In You, The Dreams You used To Have , The Joy and Innocence You Use To Possess , By All Means Get It Back. That Is What You Need To Survive – The Little Child in You Needs You Not To Fail .

“By All Means Please Let Go Of All Excuses, Start From Where You Are and Take It From There – Keep Your Eyes On The Price .

“Let Today Be a Day Of Reflection – Celebrate The Child In You – God Bless

“Happy Children’s Day”.

Belinda Effah
Belinda Effah