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“Being a mom is a supernatural thing” Simi pens heartfelt note to all mothers

"Being a mom is the supernatural thing" Simi pens heartfelt note to all mothers

Singer Simi and mother of one has dropped an heartfelt note to all mothers and aspiring mother’s on day.

The singer shared a video on her Instagram page chronicling her pregnancy with her daughter Deja up until the delivery.

Simi noted that motherhood is the most supernatural thing she has been privileged to do. She went on to appreciate different categories of mothers.

She wrote: Happy Mommies Day to all the moms with their babies in their arms, moms with their babies in their belly, moms who didn’t get to meet their babies, moms who chose their babies, moms that had to give up their babies, grandmommies.

Being a mom is the most supernatural thing I’ve ever had the privilege to do. It almost always activates a love like you’ve never felt. Love like you’ll probably never feel again.

I pray baby dust on all the incredible moms-to-be trying to conceive 

“I should stop judging Deja,” Simi tells herself after realising a deep truth about motherhood

Simi made a sudden realisation that had resolved her to stop judging her daughter.

In a candid social media post, the mother of one revealed that she had walked in on her mother in the bathroom, invading her privacy in a moment of curiosity.

Simi then admitted that she had often judged her daughter for similar behavior, feeling upset and disrespected.

However, this experience led the mother of one to realise that there is no age at which one can stop invading their mother’s privacy, especially because she is family.

She wrote: There’s no age where you stop invading your mom’s privacy – cos I just did it to my mom in the bathroom. So I guess I should probably stop judging Deja now.

It will be recalled that Simi recently took to her social media to sweetly celebrate her husband and colleague, Adekunle Gold.

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