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‘Behind my smiles are tears, pains and sacrifice’ Comedian Woli Arole spills

Nigerian comedian cum actor Oluwatoyin Bayegun popularly called Woli Arole has opened up sacrificing so much for people and never getting anything in return.

In a post on Instagram, Woli Arole said grace and sacrifice are the response he gives to people when questioned about balancing spirituality and work.

Woli Arole said 90 per cent of what he does is to better humanity and impact destinies, but one day he wept that half of what he gives out, he does not get it back.

According to Woli Arole, behind his smiles are pains and sacrifice; hence when people see him, they should endeavour to appreciate him.

He wrote: Anywhere you meet this man called “Bayegun Oluwatoyin” just say “Toyin Welldone”. Alot of people ask me “How do you balance spirituality and work?”, “How do you give like this?”.

I reply with a SMILE and say “It’s GRACE and SACRIFICE”. 90 percent of what I do is to better humanity, and impact destinies. One day “I wept”. I said “Toyin half of what you GIVE OUT, you don’t even GET BACK”.

Behind his SMILE are TEARS, are PAINS, are SACRIFICES. Please let me STOP here I am literally getting very TEARY. Just say “Toyin Welldone”.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Woli Arole recently warned his fans and other Nigerians to always be watchful following a viral video of a couple who were rescued by their vigilant photographer witnessing a woman waving a handkerchief on the bride’s head.

According to the Comic actor, wickedness is on different levels and can be displayed by anyone like your friends, customers, colleagues at work and employer.

However, the best thing to do is to be mindful of people around even your friends, and also be prayerful.

Woli Arole
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