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Beggar returns to street months after receiving house and business grant from singer

Kogi Beggar

An unrepentant Kogi based beggar has returned to the street months after receiving a house from Gov Yahaya’s aide, Jumabee.

According to Jumabee who shared the story and videos on his Instagram page, the woman sold everything and returned to the streets with her children to beg.

Jumabee is the SSA on Entertainment to the Kogi state Governor. He wrote;


If you are familiar with Kogi environ you will definitely know this woman..So some time last year during my birthday celebration, I was stucked in london due to the pandemic but I got my team to celebrate in my absence and of course they visited orphanges ,shared items for the vulnerables and I told myself that the only birthday gift I wanted was to take this woman and her kids off the street. So we got her an apartment, furnished it in our own capacity and gave her a token to start a small scale business. Sadly, she left the house in less than two weeks and sold all the items in the house. But she ran out of luck when a charity organisation reached out to me on facebook that they did the same thing for her and even went as far as enrolling her kids in a private school but she withdrew them and sold the items in her house again. So guys, I am pushing this video out not for anything but for everyone not to think we didn’t fulfill our promises as she’s back on the street so obviously this is a “GAME” for her. Be careful guys, things dey happen for Naija!”

Reacting to the video, one Sir Tijani wrote, “It is as if they never get any satisfaction from staying off the street.”

Calling on her mental health to be checked, one Chukwuebuka Isaac wrote, “She needs a mental rehabilitation stop insulting her people. Her condition messed with her prior to when she got help but we don’t take mental health very seriously in this country. You can force this off her!”

One Alex Enoroye wrote, “If you know how much beggars make ehennn, you’ll know why they won’t stop. They are so comfortable making money without doing nothing”

Another social media user wrote, “Begging is a huge business in Nigeria so helping a beggar even with all the basic things never gets him or her satisfied. Some beggars even get money pass the people giving them. I’d rather help an organization or pay someone’s hospital bill than giving my money to all of these self acclaimed street beggars.”

Watch the video below:

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