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“I hope cancer has cancer and cancer dies” – Cancer awareness advocate, Aisha Kollere, dies of cancer

Aisha Kollere, a Nigerian cancer awareness advocate, has died of cancer. She was diagnosed of Leukemia in 2016, and died April 21st, however, she had documented her experience on her Instagram page @AishaKollerecancerpage over the years.
Her words:
“I hope cancer has cancer and cancer dies” resonated with thousands when she was alive.
On Instagram, she spoke about going through series of surgery and living in a hospital for years.
In February this year, she posted what has become her last post about going through chemotherapy last Christmas.
Here is what she said:
“Hey everyone, how have you all been doing? So I’m so happy the chemo they took off on Christmas has been working miracles because it brought my disease down from 14% to 0.2 percent and I’m so happy I have the tiniest amount of cancer in my body atm.
The doctors could’ve gone ahead to my transplant then but they want the disease to be 0.1 or under to go ahead with the transplant because there’s a bigger chance of it never coming back!
So the doctor’s decision is to put me back on the chemo for another month and monitor the death of this horrible and annoying disease!!
So probably If all’s well they’re planning my transplant for March InshaAllah. This painting says long life and the reason why I chose to write this phrase is because when I look at it, It reminds me that I could live for a very very long time.
And it reassured me that everything will be okay because God is always planning what’s best for us.
I was really stressed while I was waiting for this result and I was disturbed because I’ve heard a lot of bad news and I was expecting it even though I didn’t want to hear it. But then I got unexpectedly surprised and that it was one of the best.
I know this isn’t a paragraph like the others but I haven’t been updating you so my plans are to be doing little at a time because it’s better than none.
Now during the transplant I’m going to be really ill. And probably not be able to update you at all, but I’ll work something out. Thanks guys. I love you”.
Few weeks before Aisha died, she was ready for transplant as the cancer had gone from 14% to 0.2% however, doctors had to hold on for the cancer to get to 0.1% to eliminate any chance of it resurfacing in the future before carrying out the transplant.
The Leukemia Aid released these notes of hers:
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