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Beautiful moments as Laura Ikeji goes on a shopping spree with her kids

Laura Ikeji

Nigerian Entrepreneur and brand influencer Laura Ikeji has shared beautiful moments as she goes on a shopping spree with her four children.

Laura is sure not to let her guards down for the vacation in London as she blesses the internet with back to back breathtaking photos of her family making fans drool for more adventurous moments.

According to the Entrepreneur, it requires a lot of work taking four kids along with her as she had to deal with the dragging and shouting of the word ‘stop it’ on several occasions. But, although tiring, she admitted she had fun while at it since spending on the kids bring joy.

However, she appreciates her bigger kids for controlling the smaller ones as she almost lost her sanity having to run after the kids.

She wrote:

All my kids and I went shopping yesterday, lemme just say, it was a lotta work! 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️, it required shouting and dragging and the word stop it!! 😂😂😂 but fun. Spending on the kids brings joy. 

Thanks to the bigger kids, I for don craise running after these kids 🤣😂

Laura IKeji
Laura IKeji
Laura IKeji
Laura IKeji
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