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BBNaija’s Lucy slams haters insinuating she’s begging for gifts she receives

Former Big Brother Housemate,  Lucy has taken to social media to slam people insinuating she begs for the numerous gifts she has been receiving lately.

In the video shared on her Instagram handle, the budding chef schooled those people insinuating she begs for the gifts she receives about the principle of giving and how it comes back in triple olds when they indulge in such a practise.  

In her own words; “The rules for giving are very simple. Even the bible says give and you shall receive. If you are being pissed that I am getting a gift and everything. Have you ever sat down to know what I am doing differently? I don’t know why maybe you are expecting that I am shouting about and make it known. I don’t know why you expect I should announce my giving, that’s your mindset not mine.

What you are giving your left hand should not know, if you give to the right, the left hand should not know. That’s how you get your own reward.  

If I decide not to announce when I am giving things, that’s my own choice, if I decide not to say when I am giving that’s my decision and my own beliefs. I don’t see why I have to explain to anybody, or people saying I am going around begging for gifts.”

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