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BBNaija’s Ka3na purchases a luxury car worth millions, netizens react

Bbnaija's Ka3na purchases a luxury car worth millions.

BBNaija alumni Ka3na just purchased a Range Rover, and she took to Instagram to celebrate.

In her caption, Ka3na expressed how excited she was about getting a luxury car.

On the matter of luxury, Ka3na has been on the news for a hot minute, flaunting her wealth, and sometimes, her income.

A while ago, Ka3na made a post on Instagram, claiming that she made $900,000,00 overnight, which converts to billions in Nigerian currency.

Her billionaire status didn’t shield her from online dragging, as a designer called her out for asking for a huge discount on clothes, while she was flaunting her wealth online.

Ka3na was also in the news for being fetish, in the sense that she publicly performed water abolitions with a live goat, alongside a priestess.

The reality star defended her actions, stating that there was nothing wrong with it, and that people shouldn’t speak on what they know nothing about.

Regardless of the fact that Ka3na has faced a lot of controversy, she still has fans who support her, and they trooped in to congratulate her on her new car, while other netizens weren’t buying her story.


helina_stars_shines wrote, “Congratulations dear. May ur CHI and ancestors continue to provide and protect you MORE WINS”

janemena wrote, “Wait, Are you Urhobo/Isoko Abi my ear dey pain me. The songs. Congratulation girly Abeg send me your old cars make I sell am take chop morning food”

mihub_giftstore wrote, “Car mercy Lambo has stop using since, even Tacha has stop using it since.”

pizzleyarn wrote, “Sorry oo people of God, what is she doing?, who surprised her?? Abeg I’m iust curious”

everything_milani wrote, “In September you brought a Benz, 7 months later, another keys added Omo God is good. Keep living the life & making women know we can achieve it all”

iyke.valentine wrote, “Whoever believes her is doomed”

adufe_mama wrote, “Congratulations dear, this is what u call content, have your fun”

smilingjaw wrote, “Was it a gift or she bought it???? I don’t understand

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