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‘Sometimes I cry, want to give up and do 9-5 jobs’ BBNaija’s JMK laments over the constant pressure of being a celebrity


Former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemate Jumoke Adedoyin popularly known as JMK, has cried out over the pressure of keeping up with the celebrity lifestyle.

In a lengthy post on Snapchat, JMK said she feels bad seeing people underrating brand influencing and public figures who put so much hard work into creating good content.

JMK opined that creating content is not an easy task, but she’s growing every day as sometimes she feels like giving up and returning to a 9-5 job.

According to JMK, celebrities are the most depressed people because of the pressure of the content to put on their page daily.

JMK added that sometimes, she cries in the middle of trying to get her content right, and the moment she does, she is thinking of the following content.

She wrote: I feel so bad when I see people underrating brand influencers or should I say public figures in general; I’m
talking about the ones who put out actual content. If you see them acting proud u can’t blame them, it’s actually a lot of work, Sometimes I cry in the middle of trying to get my content right, and the moment I do, I’, thinking of the next content.

But u just see it out here like It was effortless and after everything you have done, one maggot who have no idea about your work will come to drop negative comments under the post that gave you a sleepless night to shoot and edit.

And as a female when they see you living the life; they are always quick to say it’s one man that made it possible Sometimes they are right, most times they are wrong, but sometimes can you at least acknowledge the person’s hard work?

In case you don’t know public figures are the most depressed people, some will deny it but that’s the fact. Waking up every day knowing some people are looking forward to what you have to post on your social media for the day. Isn’t that why the fake life is real because of the pressure to drop quality content that will bring the traffic to their page to ascertain more clients that are willing to pay to be known by these people.

So I just signed with a brand, congratulations to me but omo I’m low key sad because that means more work. Content creation is not beans! I’m still new to it and growing everyday but half the time, I just want to give up and go do 9-5.

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