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#BBNaija: List of housemates bribed by Biggie to cause serious drama

2019 Big Brother Naija Housemates

The stage is set as the BBNaija “Pepper Dem” group get ready for their first Wager. On June 9, 2019, Big Brother had requested that the Housemates set up an intricate play as their first Wager.

Every week, all through their stay in the House, Thursday Nights have been saved for Wager Task Presentation Night. Likewise, the Housemates’ exhibition will incredibly impact the next week recompense.

What does Biggie need? To guarantee that the Housemates are sure about the Wager, Biggie featured certain components that ought to be in the play. First was the length of the play. “Ain’t no one gat time,” Biggie said so their play should most recent 60 minutes. Likewise, housemates should completely share in the arrangement and introduction of the play. Besides, the play must element expound outfits, cosmetics, melodic acts and essential props.

When Nelson the HoH during the current week read the note from Biggie, the Housemates started conceptualizing for what their play ought to be fixated on. Seyi was immediately designated by individual Housemates to be the maker and chief of the play. Ella, Sir Dee and Khafi were to give music to go with the play. Kimoprah proposed that someone else is chosen to help Seyi with the goal that thoughts would be similarly spoken to.

BBNaija: List of housemates bribed by biggie to cause serious drama

One of Big Brother’s necessity was that the Housemates must think of a topic for the play. Diane proposed an emphasis on squeezing issues in the public eye like melancholy. Sir Dee proposed they play out a play about the risk of a solitary story with the intend to change individuals’ impression of the clans in Nigeria. Endlessly they went until a verbal battle broke out among Thelma and Esther on the previous being inhumane in her referral to individuals with Down Syndrome.

In the long run, Biggie called the housemates in a steady progression into the journal space to get some information about the play yet think about what he additionally did? He attempted to influence them with Bet9ja coins so they could disturb the play. As it were, he was angling to see who among the rest of the 19 housemates was happy to double-cross the rest. Incredibly, the greater part of them named their cost. Here they are:


She would readily upset the play the housemates are as of now dealing with for 1000 Bet9ja coins.


She would energetically cause an interruption in the play for 500 Bet9ja coins.


She would acknowledge 500 Bet9ja coins to cause an aggravation in the play.

Sir Dee

Sir Dee, who was cautious while referencing it, would readily take a reward of 250 Bet9ja coins instead of the play.


Kimoprah wouldn’t see any problems with doing it for 250 Bet9ja coins.


Ike would disturb the play for 250 Bet9ja coins.


Jeff would cause a disturbance in the play whenever offered 200 Bet9ja coins.


Tacha would consider causing disturbance for 1000 Bet9ja coins.


Tuoyo would give it a shot whenever offered 1000 Bet9ja coins too.


Thelma would go for pay off of 100 Bet9ja coins to disturb the play.


Khafi would oblige Biggie’s solicitation for 250 Bet9ja coins.

Do you really think these housemates would risk it all for mere coins? You can drop your comments below:

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