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BBNaija: If Mercy should win the N60million, this horrible thing will happen

With the BBNaija Pepper Dem Gang edition drawing to a close, many fans of the show are rooting for Mercy to emerge winner of the N60million prize money.

The hype for her victory became louder after her bitter rival, Tacha, got disqualified from the show last Friday.

Tacha was disqualified following an altercation with Mercy that saw the both of them rain insults on each other.

While many called for their disqualification from the contest due to rules broke, they were left in shock when the axe fell on Tacha alone.

The videos showing their altercation showed Tacha pulling Mercy by her hair after the latter flung it over her face while they were arguing bitterly. For this, Tacha may have been disqualified.

However, the same scene saw Mercy grab a pressing iron and tried to slam it on Tacha after her hair got pulled. Her attempt would have been successful had it been one of the housemates didn’t step in her way to stop her.

With Tacha disqualified, it appears no one stands in Mercy’s way of winning the N60million prize money.

However, the only person standing in her way is herself, which is something only sane minds can see.

What will Big Brother tell the society if Mercy emerges winner of the prize money? Are they promoting a violent attitude? Because whether we like or not, Mercy was violent on that night. She was ready to use a weapon on Tacha.

I don’t know how rich Mercy is, but if she could act this way at her level of riches, imagine what she will do if armed with N60million.

Her failure to get disqualified already appears irritating to many fans of the show. The punishment she received is rather lenient.

Asides the violent move she made, let’s examine her utterances.

During their argument, Mercy alleged Tacha had body odour. She went further to state that her armpit and her vagina smells badly.

She stated this boldly in front of other housemates who couldn’t help but act like they didn’t hear her.

Guess who else heard Mercy make mockery of a fellow woman? Millions of Nigerians who are fans of the show and those who aren’t but became aware of it after the videos were tweeted or retweeted their way.

Mercy showed a total lack of manners and respect for womanhood. Shouldn’t she have called Tacha secretly to advice her about her body odour since she knew about it long before they started having issues?

Rather, she decided to use it as a weapon against her. When the weapon was not solid enough, she grabbed a pressing iron and tried to slam it on Tacha.

Yes, Tacha also said worse things, but she’s disqualified today while Mercy still stands the chance of walking out of the house with N60million.

If Mercy should win that money, then Big Brother should know that it has sent a negative message to Nigerian women that being rude and putting other women down is the way to go.


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