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BBNaija Bisola Aiyeola speaks on getting married and having another child



Former Big Brother Naija housemate cum actress, Bisola Aiyeola has expressed her thoughts on marriage, despite raising a 11 year old daughter, Leyla, alone.

For the popular celebrity, starting a nuclear family is not always bed of roses, she said in an interview with The Sun.

“There’s the urge to have that close nuclear family unit and then there’s the reality; its not that easy having another child and building a new home. I’ve heard from other people’s experiences too. Somehow, I’ve been able to manage all these years with my daughter. I am proud of her, she’s in secondary school now. I just want to work on giving her the best. I won’t say that I am using torchlight to look for a family now, but if its does happen, I’ll embrace it with all of me. But the reality of is that, it’s not as beautiful as it sounds,” she reiterated.

Aiyeola also recalled how the COVID-19 lockdown drew her closer to her daughter, giving her the privilege to discover her other creative sides.

“The sit-at-home situation just made me know my daughter better. We had more fun, cooked together. I also found out that she loves art; she also discovered that herself. She’s kind of finding art interesting. We did lot of painting together. In fact, there were lots of bounding between myself and my daughter, because in the last few years, they’ve been lots of up and down, she’s always going to school. It just brought us together more and that’s one thing I am grateful for.”