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BBNaija 2020: Your favorite housemate will still come out to call you lazy – Ubi Franklin

ubi franklin

Ubi Franklin has advised fans of the BBNaija reality TV show who take it too serious to desist from such and just enjoy the show.

According to him, the housemates in the show which some fans support to the point of being bitter towards others will leave the show and display lack of gratitude.

Ubi Franklin revealed that once the reality TV stars leave the show and attain celebrity status, they might start to throw insults at the same fans that support them during the show.

He shared: “Some people are taking BBNaija too serious. Yes, we know you have favourites and the world knows it’s a reality TV show and we will all love on after and wait for the next season to start enjoying new content from housemates.

If you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you should be bitter on social media.

Let others have their opinion, no one has stopped you from having yours.

Your favourites will come out and call you lazy and many other names.

Let’s just chill and enjoy this show, please”.

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