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Bayelsa Governor Diri Duoye shows off dancing skills amidst flood crisis

Bayelsa governor dances amidst flood crisis

A viral video of Governor Diri Duoye dancing with joy and thanksgiving in Church on Sunday has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

In the viral video, Governor Diri Duoye danced on the church altar and gallantly showed off his ‘leg moves’ while the church choir sang songs of thanksgiving to God.

While some social media users admired the Governor’s thanksgiving to God and likened him to the BIblical David, some others were upset and queried him for being insensitive especially as many of the Bayelsa state residents are currently battling flood crisis.

One user tagged, Lady Purple wrote “Dancing when his state is submerged in water”

One Joshua wrote, “Its high time we need to be checking our politicians mental balance before voting for them, imagine a governor of a state where many people lost their lives and properties to flood dancing like this in public place.”

Bayelsa Governor Diri Duoye dances amidst flood crisis in state

One Zaddy wrote “in his mind now he would say he’s Dancing like David Dance, That’s how they quote scriptures to Suit themselves, Please Ask him if he has done what David did in the Bible??? People are Dying in his state he’s here Dancing, ….hope he had taken good care of the people suffering from the flood in his state, God no Dey partake on Eyes service , Without Genuine LOVE and COMPASSION for fellow humans all this is nothing, please make him go Read 1 Corinthians 13: 1- End”

More reactions against Governor Diri Duoye’s dance

One Cindy wrote “Is this why he was voted into office? No, be flood dey finish people for him state like this? Wetin dey make am dance? Why is he happy at this point in time “

One Seun wrote “And your state is in serious flooding chaos, u dey here dey dance like investor Sabinus”

One Niyi wrote “In the midst of the flood, how insensitive. Can this entertainment just stop? Do our Governors believe this is part of their mandate?”

One Bayou wrote “What’s he dancing for? For his state that is the state with the highest flooding in Nigeria or what??”

One Peter wrote “Misplaced priority. I weep for my country. Leaders have got no empathy for it people”

Governor Diri Duoye speaks on Flood crisis in Bayelsa

A few weeks ago, Bayelsa State Governor, Douye Diri, said Water has no respect for anybody as his private building at Sampou Community in the Kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of the state is also flooded.

Diri stated this during an on-the-spot assessment of the flood in some communities in the state.

The governor visited communities like Tungbo, Sagbama town and Adagbabiri, all in Sagbama Local Government Area.

Diri told the people he wanted to get first-hand knowledge of what the communities were going through.

He said: “I felt this was not the time for me to sit in my office while my brothers and sisters are in pains, hunger and in want. So I came to see things for myself.

“Roads have been overtaken by flood, houses submerged and the people are now internally displaced. We have sought out some high grounds where some of them will be resettled temporarily. We have also made palliative and medicines available.

“I came out in order to comfort the people so that they will know that their government stands with them in their time of trouble.

“Water has no respect for anybody as my house is also flooded in my community. So, everybody should be strong and be careful this period, particularly the women. Your children should not go into the water. It is a very tempting period but I know God will see us through.

“I have approved N450 million to provide succour for the people, which is the first tranche. Having seen things for myself, we will approve more money so our people can have something to eat while they go through this experience,” he said.

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