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BamBam reveals which body part she can give to Teddy A

Reality star, BamBam is definitely filled with Teddy A‘s love as she reveals she can give to him her kidney.

BamBam reveals which body part she can give to Teddy A

BamBam who recently clocked age 30 and in the course got a romantic birthday message from Teddy A said particularly she would give him her left kidney or any double organ.

According to the reality show star, she has always been at peace with Teddy A even before the reunion show and the lie detector test in which he was quite certain about his future with her. BamBam also disclosed that the lie detector test further influenced the level of peace she had about their love affair.

“Honestly, there is no relationship without its ups and downs or doubts; but that was a lie detector test; you can never know what is in the heart of anybody. I trust him with my life; I would give my left kidney or any other double organ I have to him. But you still have your shaky phase whether you like it or not.”

“I wasn’t sure of what the lie detector test was going to say irrespective of how our relationship has been. When the answer came as positive, it influenced the peace I already have; it gave me more peace. I would advise the new big brother housemates not to try to imitate any of the old housemates. They should be themselves. I enjoyed myself in the house until people started stressing me about being fake. Even though I never knew where my relationship with Teddy A was going; I knew that I liked him and being with him gave me peace. I am someone who lives in the moment. I was consistent from the beginning to the end of the show,” she said.

— BamBam on Teddy A
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