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‘Baba Ijesha’s spirit has travelled abroad’ Nigerians react to video of Nigerian pedophile caught in London

Jeff Pedophile

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to a video of a married Nigerian man, identified as “Jeff”, who was caught in London trying to woo a 15 year old student.

Jeff was trapped by the angry father of the girl who beat him up mercilessly for trying to date his 15 year old daughter.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Jeff is a Lambeth parking attendant in London who continued to stalk the 15 years old girl in uniform.

Jeff called himself from her phone then continued to message her for several days. Her father caught him waiting for her after school.

In the video shared online, Jeff is heard screaming “Jesus, Jesus’ as the father of the girl attacked him.

He ran around begging for help, but the man followed him, landing more blows on his face.

While begging the angry father, Jeff is heard screaming ‘I didn’t know, I swear to God. I am finished.’ as he ran behind an old woman and her dog.

Watch video below:

Reacting to the video, One Val Oputa wrote, “Baba Ijesha spirit has traveled abroad”

King orator wrote, “Bunch of paedophiles, he thought he was in Nigeria where they inconsiderate and behave like animals”

Kiddrica Blog wrote, “This are the kind of people supporting and protesting the release of baba ijesha. Phidophile everywhere”

Official Becks wrote, “You’re coming back home baba Ijesha junior.”

Bia Bikonu wrote, “Where are those who shouted “setup” when Princess did the same thing?”

Lez Eli wrote, “Don’t lose hope sir, yomi is coming to fight and protest for you,..”

Sonia Berry wrote, “Good for you now you’ll loose everything, I hate it when some men don’t have self dignity”

Chika First lady wrote, “He already knew that his own has finished. That’s why he is shouting Jesus”

Sandy Ena wrote, “This are the kind of people that come online to support Baba Ijesha. One by one all of you will be exposed. This guy is as good as unemployed first of all”

Baroness Tonia wrote, “See them! He thinks he is in Nigeria where anything goes. He thinks it is the type of Baba Ijesha case that people are arguing nonsense in support of his action. Just for ever harassing this girl by text you will go down and his name will be recorded on the sex offenders register for life. He will be tagged a risk to adults and children. So carry that your paedophilia mentality and go to obodoyibo. You go get sense by force. There is no excuse with a child or young person. No excuse whatsoever, even if they give you all the green lights in the world. You are the adult, it behoves on you to act responsibly and not commit the crime.”

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