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“It was very painful” Ayra Starr reacts to her epic fall, issues stern warning to AfroChella

Ayra Starr falls on stage

Afrobeat singer, Ayra Starr has reacted to her epic fall while performing at AfroChella stage last night, December 28th.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that the wave of the moment, slipped while performing on stage.

In a series of tweets, Ayra Starr called out AfroChella for negligence. She warned them to clean up their stage after every artist performance.

The ‘Rush’ singer admitted that the fall was very unnecessary and painful.

“AfroChella next time y’all should clean your stage after every artist performance. That fall was very unnecessary and painful”.

In another tweet, Ayra Starr made light of the embarrassing moment as she prayed for her crush not to see the video.

“I just hope my crush never sees that video of me falling”.

Ayra Starr reacts to her fall at AfroChella stage

Ayra Starr falls on AfroChella stage

Kemi Filani earlier reported that Ayra Starr joined the list of celebrities who has fallen on stage.

Kemi Filani reports that Ayra Starr was one of the top performers at the ongoing AfroChella festival. In a viral video, Ayra Starr was seen running round the stage, when she accidentally slipped and fell.

Rather than feel embarrassed, Ayra Starr, gracefully stood up and continued her performance, like nothing happened.

The way she handled the embarrassing situation has left many praising her.

Kie Kie mocked as she falls off stage at an award ceremony

Months back, Content creator, actress and TV host, Kie Kie had an embarrassing situation as she fell off stage at an award ceremony.

The actress who was one of the winners at the Trendupp Award had an happy night turned into an embarrassing moment as she fell off while walking away from the stage.

The situation was so bad that the actress fell down the stairs.

Shrugging off the embarrassing situation, Kie Kie took to the stage once more to receive an award.

Social media users had things to say about the embarrassing moment. While other sympathised with her, the rest mocked her.

Paul Okoye falls off stage

Also, singer, Paul Okoye of the defunct PSquare group had fallen off the stage in Suriname while entertaining his audience.

He shared a video clip of the moment, assuring his fans that he sustained no injuries and accepts it as part of the hustle of being a performer.

“Sh*t happens ?? pls respect your laughter ?? #reality … am very ok no injuries ❤️??#kingrudy live in Suriname???? last night” he wrote.

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