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Ayo Makun provides a solution to end poverty, spills on buying Central Bank

Ayo Makun plans to buy center bank

Nollywood actor and comedian, Ayo Makun has provided solutions to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

The actor provided this solution while pondering on why citizens would be broke when we have Central Bank.

The ‘Merry Men” actor stated that he sees no reason why everyone would be broke when we can print money from CBN and share to everyone.

The comedian further shocked many when he revealed his plans to buy up the Central Bank.

“They are so many ideas that requires us to seek validation and agreement from our social circle. Sometimes we do value others’ opinions and how they shape our perspective, we are much more motivated by external validation than our own intuition.

Please advise me, should I buy Central Bank? Because I see no reason why everyone should be broke when we can just print money and give you everyone”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Ayo Makun had made mockery of the country which he linkened to a faulty car.

This came after the disqualification of the Super Eagles from 2022 World Cup and the untimely death of Chinelo Megafu as a result of insecurity.

Ayo Makun had avowed that Nigeria needed to be taken to the mechanic workshop for servicing.

According to him, there are several fluids that should be kept at the appropriate levels to keep the country running properly.

He jokingly added that he hoped the mechanic repairing the country wouldn’t ask for a new engine because there are some drivers that need to paid a courtesy visit by Bianca and Will Smith.

Ayo Makun
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