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“As long as we’re united, we will be unstoppable” Ayo Makun assures wife Mabel Makun amid their loss



Ayo Makun and wife

Box office King and comedian, Ayo Makun has expressed confidence in overcoming his loss.

The ‘Merry Men’ producer, via his Instagram page, stated that as long as he and his interior designer wife, Mabel Makun remain united, they will be unstoppable.

He noted how God has consistently stepped into different situations with them and has taken them upon himself.

In believes that the different situations they go through in life, his God’s ways of creating something in us that is unstoppable.

“As long as we’re united, and as long as we continue to show love, invest in humanity, and lead with our values, we’ll be unstoppable. God has consistently stepped into different situations with us, and He takes them upon himself and walks through them with us. He uses them to create something in us that is unstoppable. Happy Sunday, fam”.

Ayo Makun relocates to the US

It is no longer news that AY and his family lost their valuables and house to a fire incident.

Since the incident, the comedian has temporarily relocated to the US with his family.

The filmmaker revealed that he is finally spending time with family in Atlanta.

Counting his blessings, he stated that he has many reasons to thank God for our lives.

Ayo Makun pens deep message after fire incident

In an appreciation post, Ayo Makun shared a deep message.

Sharing photos of him and his wife from his daughter’s church dedication last year, AY stated that pain can be temporary when one finds the right partner to journey with.

He noted how the pain may last a minute or an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually, it will subside and something else will take its place.

In a message to his wife, he stated that as they continue to walk through the journey of life together, they shall replace the lies of their enemies with the truth of God.

AY appreciated all for thinking of them during their difficult times.