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“Nigerians shouldn’t blame Tinubu for their failure” Author Johnny Jamjam

Nigerians tinubu - Author Johnny Jamjam

A Nigerian author known as Johnny Jamjam had a recent news responded to actress Bukumi who recently cried out over the economy.

Recall that earlier today, Kemi Filani had reported that actress Bukumi had come out to cry out over the current state of things in Nigeria. She had also slammed President Tinubu for his incompetency while expressing that it was becoming very hard for her to mind her business in 2024 due to the cries that she gets on her DMs consistently.

However, this author known as Johnny Jamjam took to the comment section to educate her. He revealed that Nigeria was not the only country that was currently going through economic hardship as he expressed that Japan, UK, China and Thailand were also going through a lot of economic failures. He also slammed Nigerians for their misplaced priorities.

He revealed that Nigeria was a country where a young girl would rather possess Brazilian hair and an iPhone than invest that money into something useful. He further disclosed that Nigeria was also a country where young boys would rather club and flex with money than invest.

He stated that while it was easy to shift the blame on Tenebu, it was the failure of the citizens that caused Nigerians to be where it is now presently.

“My dear, this topic is NOT for today. The issues plenty gan.
99% of everyone knows
NOTHING about what is going on. Japan & UK where we import our foods from are in trouble, I am praying China and Thailand who are our major importers do not enter intro any economic woe anytime soon.
Our failure to plan for decades has finally caught up with us. A country where young girls rather possess Brazilian hair and iPhone than invest? A country where young boys rather club & flex with money than invest? My dear, it is easy to blame Tinubu for this but our failure to SAVE & INVEST has caught up with us. What would Johnny JamJam, Obi, Atiku have done? Call foreign manufacturers to reduce price for us even when their own citizens could not afford it? We are in tr uble, serious tr uble…God bless Nigeria”

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