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“I hurt every time I read derogatory words about you cause I was in similar situation which made me almost die” Austin Faani writes open letter to Yul Edochie

Austin Faani makes case for Yul Edochie

Nollywood filmmaker, Austin Faani has written an open letter to Yul Edochie expressing how hurt he is every time he reads a derogatory word about him.

He noted how he had been in a similar situation where people hurled insults at him with audacity which almost made him die of heart attack. He revealed that his blood pressure was high and he palpitated ceaselessly and drove into depression.

He questioned how the actor was doing and how he, his estranged wife May, and his new wife Judy Austin are coping mentally, as he expressed a desire that the insults and trolling come to a halt.

Sending a message to Nigerians, he told them to quit with the insults.

“Dear @yuledochie

I’m sorry I have to write to you via the social media space. However, because I want as many as can to read this, I therefore stomach the courage to write you here. I won’t lie, I hurt every time I read the angry and derogatory words thrown at you on social media. In the recent past, I too was in a situation where people hurled insults at me with audacity. Those were perilous days; I nearly died of a heart attack. My blood pressure was high and I palpitated ceaselessly. Depression crept in too. How are you coping mentally Yul, May, & Judy??? I ask because just like me—YOU ARE ALL HUMAN TOO!!! Nigerians have a way of kicking someone endlessly. I sincerely wish for all of these to be over. I wish the insults would end. I wish that we all move on with our lives by respecting Yul, Judy & May’s decisions.

Dear Nigerians, Can we PLEASE quit with the insults? We don’t have to wait for any of the parties (Yul, May, or Judy) to die before we sheathe our swords.
In this triangular tale are some lovely children. Can we please end these embarrassments for their sake? The stigma ohh the stigma.

Let me end with one of my favorite quotes

Austin Faani writes letter to Yul Edochie

Earlier on, the father of four had made a case for Yul, noting how he is human. He stated that the torment against him is bloody and lacks any iota of love for a country like Nigeria that claims to be religious.

However, he knows the actor’s action has been bad, especially with the way he handled the issue which worsened the situation and made people distance themselves from him. However, Nigerians should remain he is also human.

It is no longer news that Yul and his first wife, May are heading for divorce following his marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin.

May had filed for divorce from Yul and was demanding N100 million from Judy Austin for adultery. She has also been granted full custody of their remaining three kids.

May had also filed for a restraining order denying him access to their former matrimonial home, citing safety concerns.

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